AW - Enemy Aid - how are you changing your AW defense to adapt?

Enemy Aid (20% heal) is our battle rule - personally I replaced Rigard with Lianna so my team is now Ares, Sartana, Persues, Leo and Lianna, figuring without the arrows to do the work I’ll need my team to do some butt kicking.

But I wonder, is this the right tactic for this rule or not?


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I considered that. But my healers Kiril and Rigard happen to be most of my ascended heroes, so they’ll be fighting regardless.

Very interested to know what people with more choice go for

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Interesting. Was more thinking putting healers or heroes like boril

I am considering the same - more fast attack, less healing.

With the old revenge arrows you can buy time to let the arrows do the work with healers and riposters. Without those arrows to do the work, my view is that you open yourself up to just getting sniped if you don’t have anyone that can effectively do damage to the attacking team via normal strike or special. 20% heal isn’t that much.

Basically pump tiles through until you have specials charged and kill off someone. Lather, rinse, repeat until defense team is toast. A few fast mana strikers (or even average defense debuffers) and a healer and/or healer/ attack buffer will eat that team alive without the revenge arrows doing the damage.


I guess no more tossing 2* heroes for sacrificial points once all of my 3* have been used. :roll_eyes:

Why not? (20 characters)

You might end up healing the defense more than hurting it… Of course, it depends on the defense, and how fast the aid is instituted. Maybe I’ll still give it a try to see.

It’s at the same pace as the arrow revenge. Just remember a wounded defense team can’t ever get healed in a subsequent battle and INCREASE their starting HP, always reverts back to what it was.

For example, if hero A has 500 hp at the beginning and heals to 600 at the end, they go back to 500 for the next battle.


Wow, is that true? I learn something new every day :slight_smile:

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It is 100% true or else alberich would be HORRIBLY unfair with his revive.

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Yep - and while Alby can revive someone during the round that was killed before you started the round, they won’t stay alive after the round either - even if you fail to kill the revived one.

That was a hard sentence to write. I hope it makes sense. :slight_smile:

I’d say go ahead and use those 2* heroes. you might get lucky.


So one option could be to play a small team?

No - that comment was intended for offensive teams when you’ve run out of higher level heroes.

Defense should still be the strongest you can muster. Just maybe consider prioritizing hitters over healers since you’re getting a heal boost in this war.

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I’ve got the same thoughts.
Pull out the extra corner healer, bring in a tanky offensive hero, fast strikers, or Boril, etc.

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Hmm - Caedmon Vs. LJ (pulled out Melendor.) Not sure…

Enemy Aid seems like the weakest of the three war rules. Part of what made the arrows so game-changing was that they drastically weakened the attacker’s ability to ghost mana. The defense team healing itself every few turns doesn’t prevent the attacker from simply charging up all their snipers and picking off the defense one by one. In fact, that’s how I normally handle most healer tanks and healer-heavy teams in raids anyway.

As far as changes to my defense team, though, that will have to wait until I have other heroes I can actually swap in. My defense team has always been pretty terrible. :smile:


Agreed. I’d expect significantly higher scores than previous wars. It will just be a lot easier to kill teams in one shot.

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Wow, I never noticed that in wars I’ve been in before. Good to know.

OTOH, if I get hero A from 500 hp down to 100 hp, but A is healed back to 500 hp by the time my last heroes are killed, the healing sticks; I remember doing that once or twice!

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I have one answer for you.

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