AW Defense vs. Raid defense Advice

I’ve recently been able to level enough heroes to have some options on defense, and now I am stuck. Now that we’re getting used to how alliance wars works, it’s apparent that I need a different defense for raids than for the wars, so how would you assemble and order teams from my top heroes?

Are you serious about defending your cups ? Or are you ok with a some overnight cup dropping?

AWs defense might vary upon alliance strategy, if you have any. Otherwise most use their strongest heroes that make the best matches…

@Wormwood I am not a cup dropper, so I want to put the best defense I can out there. For AW, I’m discovering I want more healers than the regular raid defense. Also, I may be restricted to using Boldtusk as the tank right now, but I am not sure if that’s going to be a permanent, long-term strategy.

If it were me…mmmm, I would probably give this defense a try and see how it does in wars.
Tiburtus / Kiril / Cyprian / Melendor (Delilah if she was at least to lvl70) / Grimm

People seem to have a hard time and shying away from multiple healers and counter attack centers…Even if they get past your center, I’ve seen them waste multiple energies on this alone…Having the two healers as flanks might keep your ramming corners alive long enough to fire multiple times…

Thanks what I think. I would tweak it from there or leave it alone if it’s successful enough…

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Haha wow, you just suggested that I keep my defense basically the same way I had it before I leveled up the others. That has been my exact strategy up to this point - except I’ve had BT in over Kiril. Okay, well that must be a sound strategy. I appreciate it!


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