AW defense damage (mirrored)

Think it would be cool feature, that if you attack with a hero in your defense line-up for war the end result of your heros health from battle was mirrored in your defense. So for instance, if you are 3400+ and lose a hero when attacking, the other side would only have go against the remainder of your heros. The score obtained for you being defeated would change as well like it does now. This would make it alot more interesting and would allow lower players to have a feeling of winning. Furthermore, since were suppose be evenly matched on 30+ hero count, both sides would have the same strategy options.

So if I have Tibertus in my defense, and then I use him in an attack team and he takes 50% damage, then my defense Tibertus would also take 50% damage?

If I understand correctly, then I would save him to the last second if I had to attack with him to avoid harming my defense.

But what if my Tibertus is already dead? Is he available? And if he’s damaged on defence does he start on my attack team with damage?

If I’ve misunderstood, perhaps you could correct me? :slight_smile:

@JonahTheBard No u brought up good points lol.

*Yes he would be in defense with 50% health.
*Yes he would be in attack with 50% health.

This the difficulty question.
Using him for your AW attack
This actually proves to be a problem and might make this harder to implement and has a couple options.

*He’s dead and cant be used until the entire defense team is dead were they all refresh.
*if he dies, then refreshes (prob best option).

However, think this may be a little heavy to implement now. The devs would have to create a preset AW defense only team slot were the program would just reflect those heros during AW. Issue would be how separate those heros from every day normal play. Think it would have been interesting but u did pull up some interesting questions.

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