Aw chests-loot

I would like to see two new chests added, one for AW wins and one for AW losses. After winning 5 or loosing 5 the chests would be filled and give you additional loot.

I am all for this idea. The only reason I did not post it myself, is that the matching system needs to be balanced first. But once we get a balanced war system, I´d LOVE to see war chests.
Not sure if they should be filled 1 point per triumph like TItan chest (let´s say to a max of 5), by hero killed in war like raid chests (perhaps 50 to fill the chest?), 1 point by attack delivered (this one is better for small players who find it hard to kill someone), by enemy team defeated (this would go against team playing) or any other war to calculate it.
But yes, I´d LOVE to se war chest, and have them filled based in player´s participation in the war.

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An AW war chest is a brilliant idea! An extra feature in the game. The game would benefit in its evolution by adding extra features. Another incentive to drive the players.

I like this idea. Perhaps fill it by flags used, say 10 or 12 flags to fill. They could implement this even while working on the matching system, since it rewards players for participating, regardless of level or closeness of the match.

Winning yes, losing no. I’m all for more loot, but this game doesn’t need consolation prizes.

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