AW Cannot see the field, but I have war flags

This is my second war since I hit Level 12, and I have had the same issue with both. If I try to click opt out, I get a message saying that I can’t until I have completed the tutorial on Alliance Wars. I have spent several days searching for this tutorial, but without luck. Is that my issue? If not, will someone please help?

What happens when you go to the Battlefield from Alliance > War > Battlefield? Are you able to select a team to attack?

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I don’t have an option or tab that says “Battlefield”. I do appreciate your attempt to assist me however, thank you. I have a screenshot I can send to you of what I see in my war tab

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I think you should be able to see the Battlefield since the War appears to be active. It seems like something might be wrong, so I think you should contact Support to ask about that, and include that screenshot.

Here are instructions for contacting Support:


I appreciate your help, I have been attempting to reach them through the game support button. That works mind you, it is just not easy to get a response.

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Yeah, unfortunately they often take a business day or two to respond. Not exactly helpful in the middle a War.

I assume your alliance mates see you on the Battlefield?


By the way my alliance can see me on the field with my defense set. I am version 22

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