AW can we do away with the revenge farce

I thought about placing this in the ideas section but AW being a hot spud atm I thought better here.

In principal I like the idea of a team fight but so far it has been a poor joke.
Massive miss matches at one end while the top teams cry how brilliant it is.

My take on alliance wars
Revenge , get rid, in its past and present incarnation it tilts the Ballance stupidly one side and is needless. The likes of bold tusk being healed by the revenge bar is lunacy, the revenge heals faster than boldtusks special so even harder to take down if its on its own yet alone with a full team.

Simplify the defence format.

Have each player set up the max 5 teams for defending, once one team has been killed team 2 takes its place and so on until one player is eliminated from the boards.
Attacking players can then pick from their"bench" which hero’s to use as is in PvP

No gimmicks a straight battle alliance vs alliance , tactics will still come in on who to take down & how utilising the whole alliance. There is an option to select a fixed number to fight each other but if the matchup system is resolved a full alliance v alliance IMO would be preferred.

Matchups allegedly based on team points can still stand if the formula gets sorted(eventually)

maybe set up a challenge league where alliances can challenge those within a number of places above them with 2-4 days to accept the challenge or lose by default.
Drop the AW to once a week, its distracting enough with titans & PvP

Some sort of leader board for AW , this could also be used to pick match ups at a later date as scores win/losses become clearer.

My biggest bugbear is the poor alliance matching, it worked prior to changes for our alliance which is basicly a low level training alliance. 1-3 new players every 2 weeks & 50% steady players. We won a few, we lost a few & you could encourage development in a similar way that you can see and set benchmarks with damage done to titans . As the players grew the titan hits got better.

As it currently is since change 1/ we have not won a single match, the losses have averaged 1500+ highest being nearly 3k. All that does is discourage the newer players coming in who seem to leave PDQ when they see the alliance pummelled, It stops becoming fun and players call for opt out choices.

I know the devs are working on things but some of the changes are seemingly over complicating things . The phrase comes to mind “KEEP IT SIMPLE,STUPID”

Make AW a larger ver of the PvP, simplify it , drop the revenges expand the idea of top 30 in a players attack/defence.
There are 5 team slots, use them for AW to set in order a players choice of 5 defending teams. The attackers then chose who & how to take down those teams.
This gives 2 options , winner with highest score … or … last man standing !

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