AW bug or oddity?

I used my 4th weak team in the war and when I went to check on the titan I discovered that very same team now sitting on my main game under my defense banner?

I won’t report it as a BUG yet unless other players have had it happen it to them.

It has never happened to me before :thinking:

Like the 4th team for attacking? Because you only can attack 3 times for now.
Or the last team u used in war was set as defense team? I didnt experience this because I set every warteam individually depending on the enemy team and if it’s cleanup or not

It was my 4th weakest team I was using for attacking.

Then I quit the game, came back later and saw I was raided a ton so I checked and there was that same team sitting with my defense banner.

Trust me, it would have taken a lot of effort on my part to purposely set those heroes as a defense team on my main game.

It was scary odd :open_mouth:

It has happened to me also, one or two times
And no, it did not require a lot of effort, just sweep from one team to next , touching too large, in the same gesture the defense button and the team icones :slight_smile:

2nd Element Rose defeated TomLukason in war against Akademia HS but got stuck for several minutes around 2pm pdt. I had to close the program. When I reentered, TomLukason was back and I got 0 points

I tested your theory but I didn’t get the same result. I put the defence banner on that 4th team, then I checked my roster. Marjana was still top in my roster, as she should be.

When I came back to my game after I’d fought the war and checked my roster, Hawkmoon was in top spot.

That’s when I checked my teams and saw that the team I’d last fought with was now my defense team.

Still not sure if it was a BUG or an oddity, but if it’s a BUG it may be something players don’t notice right away.

Ok my explanation is not the good one, your bug is very strange…

Our regular defence team has been changing also. Then we get raided and and lose trophies big time. We revenge but not even close to what we lost. Not fair to start and then worse later

Is this the same thing that I described? If so, then we should report it as a BUG.

Yes this is what happened we are keeping an eye out to see if it happens again. If it does then we will then put in ticket. Sorry I don’t just put tickets in just for one time

I agree, no ticket yet. That’s why I’m still calling it an oddity. It’s the kind of thing that may take players a while to notice it’s happening.

Mine sat like that while I was off the game and if I wasn’t checking on the titan I wouldn’t have noticed it for hours.

I got raided a lot :persevere: