AW: Beta vs reality

Not being beta-wise, I would like to know if the new rules were tested in an alliance vs alliance format.

My sense is that the majority of posters really dislike the “Fabian” tactic, and that the beta wizards reflect that. But, did any alliance in beta (assuming alliances were used) try to find the way a mixed strength team might use it?

Just saying common wisdom often…

Sadly wars is a little shadowed by other things right now in beta (like new titans and new heroes/buffed heroes).

But the greatest problem of beta is that all the people have the new heroes/old heroes changed at max, so very likely every war as all the people with five maxed 5* heroes on the line (most of all the new ones) and that makes no easy task testing different “alternative” strategy that medium/low teams can come up with.

On paper this new improvements may stop the mismatching and force people to simply put their best teams on the line, but the creativity of the players never stop to amaze me.

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The greatest problem with beta is that it’s a big secret. I simply don’t think that that is reasonable, and I expect a better level of communication from a multi million $ company, in many other ways than this. Release notes would be good for a start , most other companies manage this at least.

If the new process are secret , put the funds in to test it internally, if its not secret, well , don’t make it secret and at the same time allow most of the top players to play test it.

It’s simply NOT reasonable to make major changes to the game tested by alpha players, and to withhold even the sketchiest details from the PAYING customers.

rant over

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I think the point is that beta is testing new stuff, to see how it works, if it works as designed, or if the players can break something in unanticipated ways. Then it gets changed before becoming part of the public builds if necessary.
More openness on actual public releases would be a big improvement though.


Pretty much, Paulon, what I was asking about.

The new and (hopefully) improved AW. Was it tested in any approximation of what we are about to get?

I can see your concerns @Bud. It seems like the beta changes usually do make it out to our eyes/ears, but anything that’s tested, we have to keep in mind could get changed before final release.

I have no idea how a small test could ever hope to simulate production AW. Sounds like the idea is to make things a bit more “fair”, so well soon see.

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Communicating with the public has been this games biggest achilles by far.


I agree communication from game dev team could be better. Imagine the folks that do not visiting the forums at all, and how they must get blindsided by gameplay changes from updates.

I can suggest maybe an in game message after each update with a link back to the forums where the release notes are posted. And for these release notes to be detailed.

Just an idea anyway.


I can’t even imagine the frustration of a player who has not figured out a way to the forums. I play a well off tapper type game and the team there has figured out the success of communication. EVERYDAY at least one of their devs comminicates with the players on game mechanics and or upcoming changes or fixes and it is AWESOME to day the least. If you ask a question about something its almost guaranteed to be answered by a dev within 24 or less hours if it has not been answered already.

I think I saw a post from the staff a short while back indicating they would be listing
the big gameplayy changes, but would be awesome to know the small changes as well. And especially the bugs that have been fixed.

I know a great deal has been put into getting AW functioning the way they want, and it seems most of the AW changes have been rather transparent. Hopefully that’s a sign of better communication to come.

Post from staff to beta, or do you have a private line?

The reality is most of what is being tested in beta is released/leaked here - I mean like all of it or close to it - before beta testing is done. Hell, the devs even allowed an AW primer before it was even released!

It was raised by multiple people, in beta, that when you are gifted (ONLY FOR BETA) like a dozen heroes to test it kind of throws the matching out the window since now everyone has at least that many 5*. Was it tested, sure, how will it perform in the wild? Dunno.

Yes, the release notes could be better as an FYI.