AW assigned values

Can someone explain to me how the points/values are determined in AW. In this particular war, we are valued as a team at 63,000; our opponent at 73,000. We have two players in the 3000 range, everyone else is in the 2000s. Our opponent has 11 players in the 3000s. They have 4 players higher than our strongest player. Yet, their highest player is only worth 96 points, while more than 10 of ours are over 100. I gave up 128 pats when killed by a player 300 more points in power and could only get 96 from him if I killed him. Would just like some clarity in how these values are assigned … seems very lop-sided but maybe I just don’t understand

hEvery alliance divides 2000 points among all participants based on the combined HP of their defense heroes. The higher your total HP, the more points your defense team will be worth compared to your other alliance mates. Since each alliance is dividing up a fixed number of points, having less participants also means each alliance member is taking a bigger portion of that 2000 points, so they’ll each be worth more points.


Actually is not 2000 points but 2200 divide to all members…

In this case is not the power of the team that counts but it is the life of the heroes you got (troops here make a big difference)

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