AW and matchmaking

I know that much has been said about AW matchmaking but it really should be improved.

Here is the story:
I’m in an active ally but very heterogeneous regarding teams. We had a lot of fun playing togheter the 2 past wars.
They have been a really, really entertaining and exciting stuff because we matched very balanced ally and we had to fight best we can.
We manage to win both wars with less than 100 points above our enemy and was very exciting to fight till the end to reach our goal. Our satisfaction
achieving the victories as no match and the entertainement hasn’t come for the victory itself, but from the way it came: a battle till the last round

Until now

Yesterday we matched with an ally with approx same score as us. Looking to enemies they were tough ones but nothing we can’t handle. Another very balanced war, we thought
We were also excited on the kill of our very first 10* so we prepped for another day of fun.
Today we had the enemies battlefield sworn of players filled with strong 5* heroes never ever seen in the ally profiles the day before.
After few hours they slaughtered us once and managed to almost do it a second time. Now we are 1420 vs 2940 points

I do believe that everybody know what it means

So heres my thoughts about it:
I know that what happened isn’t against the rules. I know that every ally could do it but, come on, this is stinky.
Do some ally really want to have an easy win in a feature designed to confront with enemies of the same level in a collaborative manner within your ally? For what? For loot? come on! which loot?
For the sake of win? You don’t have nothing from the win itself if not the satisfaction when it cames from an equal level of match.

This is sad. What is most disappointing in this patetic behaviour is that this selfish way to play ruin the game experience of another ally.
There in no fun being beated without the chance to do something. I do intend this game as a game and I play it for fun.
Well, there is not fun in alliance war today because of cheesy behaviour of some.

I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding something or if some players/allyes are playing smarter than me, but again, when a behaviour of some clash with the game experience of other,
well, is that still a game? is that still fun?

I do hope things are going to be fixed soon. I will keep fight in wars hoping to fight in a fair way, a way where tactics, organization and a little bit of luck count more than cunning tricks.



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