AW and community - example of it's working

Chicken scratched line ID’s to protect the guilty.

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(Edit - nevermind, you guys matched with Crystal Palace, I get it now) What are you on about Rev? I’m a lost little boy understanding this.

Something of a contrarian point that AW was going to promote inter-alliance socialization which was roundly deadpanned by the majority of forum people.

This is the sort of thing I was expecting for the socially engaged people on the forums / Line / global chat when it came to AW; breaks down in the thousands of alliances of the rank and file but a non-trivial number of people watch the top 10 with interest and this is one such example of healthy inter-alliance socialization for AW.

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You one-shorted my defense!! Grrr.

But yes, the Line group between CP and 7DD has been the most amusing part of this war.

For those who care, the tide of war is going about as you’d expect.

Hah well I expect you to return the favor :slight_smile:

I was a little surprised I hadn’t been hit much earlier (got whacked 5 minutes ago looking at respawn timer) , guess I’m not popular enough :cry:

I had testimony to file today, so I haven’t had time to take my hits. Now I have to wait for you to respawn… :wink: