AW and Barracks! (Solved by General_Confusion post #30) Its a bug

Her buildings are not maxed yet but are upgrading with long time and her forges are not high enough to craft items with high usage of iron.
She was trying to level up the lefted over building as the forge under her barracks.
@Starryeyedgryph thanks for backup :grin:

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I just crafted 67 bear banners I’ll probably never burn through but with 1k+ in each required mat, it was better than just letting storages sit there full. Is she regularly collecting iron from her mines or is she running her iron low then only collecting what she gets from raids, chests, and watchtower until her mines are full? Because that’s probably what i would do in that situation then when the mines are full find a way to dump the iron, which even axes and arrows burn iron and both useful that use commonly found mats


Yeah, its not my alliance member, so i don’t know details. Just what i read. I try and mix up what buildings i am upgrading with my 2 builders. That way i usually don’t fill up with iron. I don’t use a lot of craft items, so a quick crafting session usually eats up enough iron. Even if it’s an item I’m stockpiling.


I would recommend saving the iron ores for the dragon banner … better always … I dunno why you

you cannot convert a building back if all your builders are busy

Have you read the OP before posying a replay or just posting any way?

My grimoire dust goes to other uses. Plus i was just dumping excess iron and had excess mats as well(still do)

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You sure know better than me what best for you brother. Dust is hard to farm some times.

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have you realized that you talking to me is probably not In your best interest?

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@Rook close it please .
Any way the issue been resolved by @General_Confusion and with @Rigs too