AW alliance notification

I have read several similar post about wanting to know when someone is online within there own members BEFORE going into the AW. I purpose a very simple option with an added option.

  • Simply add a active dot on our profile image.

Now I would like request some way of displaying who is actively enrolled for the AW any time during the game. We have several members who are active but didnt participate in the last two wars and they were opted in. I know the game is suppose to drop them after two rounds, but it be nice to see if these individuals are purposely opting in and not playing or for any other re entry son. So here is my proposal.

  • in alliance roster were it indicates members 1-30, simply change the number color to show who us opted in. Maybe use blue. Then when u look at roster you can see for example that 12 members out of 27 are blue and technically active.

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