AW: add "team defeated" bonus points ONLY to the team score


Why do?

  1. Personal scores will actually show something, right now they’re irrelevant garbage.
  2. Will encourage teamwork.
  3. Will make teamworking players feel better than they are now, when they’re ‘punished’ by doing the right thing with lower scores.

Some teamplayers/alliances don’t care about their personal scores cause they know how it works? Sure. And others do. There are so many people playing this game it would be silly to adjust things with top alliances in mind.

Not to mention, people in top alliances are usually rather competitive. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind scores that reflect their accomplishments better, if only to see how they improve while helping the team.

Why not?

  1. Can’t see a single reason.

Why not spread the points between players who participated in the given kill?

  1. Because there’s no real point or need to do that and it would complicate matters for no real reason :woman_shrugging:
  2. Because it’s nice that kill bonus be 100% teamwork based and only work for the Alliance as a whole.

This wouldn’t be the worst solution, though, if people want all the points to be on players. Quite whatever, I guess you’re penalized for not having a buddy to clean up after you and get rewarded for 1-shotting a team which is flag-efficient. The possible downside would be selfish stronger players attacking weakest teams to make sure they don’t share the bonus, but it’s quite whatever, I guess.

I still think the first solution is the easiest, cleanest, and the least prone to unleasing douchebaggery.

DISCLAIMER: No, I’m not writing it cause I’m salty. I’m lucky enough to be in a fun, cooperative Alliance where people don’t care about personal scores. We would find it more fun if we got to care about them though! In a fun, cooperative way, of course :smile:

I’m for removing those bonus points altogether.

Adding them only to the team score has the perverse incentive that nobody will really want to kill that last hero standing for 2 points. It will add 35 points to the team score, and the defeated team will be revived in N hours, but if you get only 2 points and lose a flag I don’t see many players being interested in doing it.


I don’t really understand the bonus points to begin with. A team that’s worth 70 points, only gives 25 points to someone who kills the first half of the team?

I mean there’s good enough reason to finish a team of instead of getting 10+35 for killing the last two, if the last two heroes are instead worth 20 points and there’s no bonus involved. The only reason I can see walking away from that would be if the follow up crew still had a good enough team to put a larger dent in a team worth 55 points, but why should a focus be pushed in finishing weak teams in that case?

Bonus system should just go out the window imo

That is a very good point :face_with_monocle:

What if the bonus was applied after a team-wide wipe? And resets never happened based on time, and ONLY when the entire team is wiped out?

That could put more focus on teamwork as well. It doesn’t exactly solve the 2-point “flag waste” but I think it would still beat the current system of greed.

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