AW , a little thankyou

I thought I would post something positive re the changes to AW.
Our alliance mostly started & is a training alliance for a larger group of 4 or 5 alliances with a semi level of co-operation , mostly if over matched on titans etc. 50% of its members chose to stay rather than shuffle up to stronger groups .
As a result we have 1/2 around the 3000+ & levels 30+ , the remainder tend to be new players of 15-30 level.

on the Original release of AW we averaged about 45% wins & were content to grow with the game. Then came the tinkering of coding which for us became a disaster . Massively out matched on ALL of the wars as the changes carried on. A week before the most recent changes while ranked about 5500 we managed to be matched up with #3 Crystal Palace & lost by a generous 4000 points .

So where’s the praise you ask . Well since the introduction of a ladder pairing all of our alliance have lifted in attitude to AW . Previous disaster mentality has been replaced with optimism . We know we will meet teams better than us . We know we will win some also … previously our nearest match was 15k points above us.

Since the change we have lost one , won 2 comfortably & one seemed touch & go until the last hour and finished with a win for us.

I am aware many will not have been so fortunate as us. Win streaks have come crashing for some & losing streaks remain for others , what has changed for us in particular is the belief that a ladder system will eventually Ballance out for most if not all . So to those still being clobbered , give it 10+ wars to self sort.

Dev’s & coders , thankyou for restoring faith in this part of the game.
dear game coders , I don’t have enough mines … 4 simply is not enough :slight_smile:


Thanks for adding some balance and optimism!

Lot’s of baby steps to improving wars :smile:

P.s. I have iron coming out of my ears!!


I would like to add my thanks to SG for making AW better.

Unfortunately in the end the ladder will bite me/us since until now I and my small alliance have won most of our wars ( We have already opened the war chest :smile: ) and when my hero rooster stops improving we will have to pay for our long winning streak.

But that is ok. We will enjoy as long as it lasts. :wink:


I am one of those folks whos alliance was on the short end of some very bad mismatches where in 20 wars we may have won 3 and it was to the point where members did not want to participate.

We have seen some good changes starting to happen. Wars are gonna be won and lost but the matches seem to be getting closer making the war fun regardless of outcome. Please continue to work on this but I think you are on the right path.


Our alliance also was on the loosing end in wars prior to this update. Now we are seeing the change as well and are winning wars!
We do not mind if we loose now and then but loosing almost every war was no fun anymore and our people also where questioning if it would not be better to opt out.
Now we are seeing that people are again enjoying the war, liking it to make plans who to attack and who can finish if it is not succesfull.

So yes, our alliance is happy with the change!


That last one looked like it was going to go the other way for awhile, the other side had an early lead and we had to work to close it. So it was really exciting and I think some of us were logging in quite frequently to check the progress of the war bar.

They can’t all be that tight, but it is fantastic when it is.

So I’m going to echo the most important bit:

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Just want to add my two cents - we have gone from losing most matches to winning since the change - although a couple of those wars, our opponent was outmatched. But I am optimistic that the devs will continue to tweak and it will even out. There will still be matches we lose - after all, there can only be one winner in each matchup - but the closer the matches get, the more fun they are.
So, thank you SG for continuing to work on the war matchups and thank you for what you have done so far.


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