Avoid The Following Mistakes With Your Costumes

Why not max on 1.1 hero?

@1Peterboy, a costume’s ascension level cannot be higher than the underlying hero’s ascension level. You can max a costume on a 4-1 hero, but not on a 1-1 hero - it will need to be leveled to at least 4-1 or 3-1 for a 3* hero


The progress of a costume is saved to its hero, so better max it on an already maxed hero.

The same costume has to be leveled separately on each hero, who should use it.

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Okay thank you. I thought it basically makes him a totally different hero, just needed that particular hero.

Oh okay so my maxed and unmaxed hero would need the costume maxed separately?

Yes, the same costume has to be leveled separately for every hero.

You only need one costume for multiple heroes, but it has to be leveled multiple times, if you wanna equip it to multiple heroes.


So a single maxed Rigard without costume and another with costume will be consider as two heroes and we can use both during an Alliance War?

Only if you have 2 Rigard and you levelled the costume for each one (to get the bonus also for the original) -> Is it possible to use a costume version of a hero separately in Alliance Wars?

Since most players have dupes of important 4* heroes, is not so hard (if you have feeders in TC 11 like me, for example). Took me 10 minutes to level Li Xiu costume and still remained food. Much faster and cheaper levelling a costume. I always keep the feeders in TC 11 for emergencies (an unexpected hotm, a 2* tournament or something like this).


From @korf, adding to this:

This one is huge for 4* and 5* heroes w costumes. Check what trials are coming up and make sure you don’t lock out someone you’ll need by having them in your tourney or war defense team. It’s a nonsense.


Please tell me how to level up a costume using a duplicate costume. Thanks

On the leveling screen there are two tabs above your feeder heroes/costumes. Click on the costume tab to see and select your costume feeders.

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Some images on this thread:

Edit for quote:

Thanks for this topic didn’t realise about what occurs with duplicate costumes

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Thank you all - I had success :slight_smile:


I have a Hero I don’t need at this time and a costume for it. I haven’t leveled either at all. If I decide to feed the hero away, will I lose the costume?? My plan is to use the unwanted hero’s costume to level a “Keeper” hero’s costume (that I hope to receive) later on.

The costume stays in your inventory.

You can’t fodder the last copy of a costume, so I don’t think you can do that, whether you keep the hero or not. (I think. Never tried without a hero.)

Now, if you have multiple copies of a useless costume, you can fodder all but the last of them – whether you keep the hero or not. (I think etc …)

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  1. Costume class path nodes inherit the original ones. So if you want a certain class path for the costumed hero, make sure you pick the right nodes on the original, which aren’t neccessarily the preferred/best ones.

Nicely articulated tip!

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