Avoid Pay to Win - add hotm to tc20 pool


Add HOTM to TC20 the month AFTER the current month it came out to avoid the pay to win model that is currently happening to this game.

It seems that there is an ever increasing power creep happening with these HOTM’s.
Athena – don’t have her you won’t be near topping titan damage.
Ares – Want a crit buff? Hope he comes around another time.
Panther – Want stacking damage vs yellow titans? Pull that wallet out.

Could we avoid this game turning into a TRUE pay to win, because let’s face it, your 1 free epic pull a month isn’t likely going to get you a hotm, and start adding the HOTM to the tc20 pool the month AFTER it’s a current hotm?
This would allow for people to have a reasonable(ish) chance at getting 1, even though from my stats a 5* off tc20 is <2% chance, while making it still worth trying to buy due to the fact that as more heroes are added to this pool, the less of a chance you will have to get the one you want out of that already abysmal <2% chance. It also wouldn’t prevent people from just waiting to get it from tc20 as while it is the HOTM it is your only chance to pay money to take a reasonable shot at getting it.
NOBODY sticks with pay to win games, please address it; toting this fine line is going to push many many many people away as they aren’t willing to spend hundreds every month to try being the “best”. IE: a guy in my alliance did 10 10 pulls 2 days ago and got 0 5*… he quit the game.


One month after is too soon, and they’ve already said past HOTM will be available again in some way.

PS: I didn’t exactly count, but with the free gems and free tokens it’s more like 5 free epic pulls per month for me.


Feel kind of double on this. But before that, 2 things:

  1. Panther was an event hero, not a hotm (and events will cycle by more often) so should be taken out of the equation.
  2. the chances of a 5* off a tc20 seem to be around 4-5% (based on data of 500-ish pulls on this forum as well), I think you’re unlucky with it so far (I’m on 4% myself as well with about 80 pulls). The devs have mentioned that the chance is higher than from rolling for 5* heroes in the summons gate.

Now to the point. Yes, it is a benefit for paying players. But I doubt it changes that much. There’s 3 things that I would take into consideration:

  1. I do think paying players will stop paying if they can get those hotm’s for free or feel cheated if they spend money while others get it for free still months later. The whole incentive for people to spend is that it’s limited availability.
  2. So far the main divide between p2w and f2p is ascension materials, you can get all the best heroes but if you can’t ascend them then you can still easily be beaten. You can’t buy your way straight to the top and the top has diminishing returns (can only play with 5 maxed heroes at a time)
  3. I’ve suggested to add the hotm at the tc20 during it’s own month. It will have a very little chance (I mean one out of all the 5s, which are about 4% already) - so i think it will cause less of a shift to f2p alone, whilst at least it gives a chance to a lucky few.

(disclaimer: I’m f2p, just think this game does the balance pretty well and do think people should have an actual incentive to pay and keep this game going)


I like the idea of adding the HOTM into the TC20 pool. There’s about a 5% chance of pulling a 5* hero from TC20, and 20 regular 5*, so the odds of pulling the HOTM from TC20 would be about 0.24%. Very small, but not zero.


I like this idea but think it should be about a year later… or 6 months at least. Add it to the regular roster.


I Love your idea, and the logic is sound imo. Wow, I dont blame the guy for being disheartened by those 10 pulls (that’s just OMG Crazy amount of gems!!!) but were I him, I would’ve quit pulling for a day or 2, maybe a month, after the 1st 20 yielded nothing. I mean of course logic and odds dictate he HAS to get a 5 eventually…right? Sure it does but eventually doesn’t mean 2day just because he wants to try 2day. That sucks obviously but then you’ve got guys like me that got Azlar on their 2nd attempt with a T.C. 20 so…Love your idea, again, hope it’s eventually instituted. You have my vote, btw.