Avoid boredom, make it eadier to ascend heroes

Yup. It’s bullcrap its them becomes not a game of STRADEGY, it becomes a game of luck and that makes no sense… I’ve been playing this game almost a year now and I’ve yet to even max out a hero. I’m getting ready to quit actually I play summoners war, it’s hard but there is way more incentive to play…I am stuck in a rut right now in this game getting ready to just give up and install a different game. I’m the leader of a good alliance too an me I’m not even the only one that is saying this… This game is going to flop, at least for Americans… The Russians seem to like it… Maybe if they can just get North Korea to love it, then they’ll always have players…

@Crystalshard - I’m not trying to sound haughty but I find it next to impossible that you’ve played as long as you have and haven’t maxed out a hero. It’s a great game and there are so many opportunities to get ascension items without buying them. Every 10 days or so they have one of the special areas like Morlovia or Farlhome that give ascension items for completion. Add to that titan loot, titan chests, and elemental chests. Then, you may just get lucky with war loot, monster or raid chests, or the daily vision. If you need help on finding more information on those things there are groups on Discord and Line that have a bunch of people willing to give out advice. I’m one of those willing to help if you need it.


I agree, if the makers would at least make it possible to BUY what you need in the store or shop I think pal would play or stay more interested in playing.

I agree. I’ve spent some $$$ and when I go for the summons x10 (a few times) & all I get are 3x 3* - so I don’t feel it’s worth donating and feel cheated. If there are special $1.99 deals and there’s an ascension item I need, I go in, but I’m about finished now since I can’t progress without stronger troops that take forever to upgrade, and not being able to get stronger heroes, or being able to ascend current heroes due to non-existent materials no matter how many challenges, Titans, wars, etc… The timeframes to upgrade structures is ridiculous. Most upgrades want silver, my food storage is always full even though I’m constantly training and upgrading heroes & the rare occasion, troops… I can’t even finish season 1. These companies don’t understand how much more they can make by making things more fair - they don’t care,they still have suckers that will pay. I won’t, I’m getting close to saying “BUH-Bye” - if they’ would only realize, if you feel you have a chance, you will donate. But - it’s a sign of these ignorant times… Angry Birds used to get my $$ when it was fun - but once it gets to be a money-grab, I’m OUT!!! This will also be posted to App Store ratings.

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