Avoid boredom, make it eadier to ascend heroes

In this thread @Revelate and I explored the various merits of which heroes to train to level up quickly… mostly it was a master class by Rev on how to power level your heroes - good reading.

I reckon it boils down to:
If you need a special skill to increase, you need to focus on the colour of the hero. For anything else, the most efficient way to level is Tier 1 and 2 training. You do Tier 2 while you have rucksacks and Tier 1 otherwise… but this presupposes that you can actually drum up enough recruits to feed the machine.

I found I just can’t sustain the recruit rate to keep up a steady supply of the Level 1 and 2 training. If you can, you produce fodder at an awesome rate. As it is I don’t play as often and find myself needing to resort to Extra cheap just because I don’t have enough recruits much of the time.

@Rook has it right though… it’s a game of patience. Focus on 1 at a time. Trying to split your attentions across more than 1 hero just makes a longer wait for both. :slight_smile:

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