Average titan attack

I think it’s nice te see a average of your attacks by a titan, some attacks 3 times some 6 times or more with a bottle titan attack. Then you can see what the best player is.

The best player is he one that deliver the last hit: without him every titan would escape!


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Or is the best player the one who’s score is highest divided by their team power???

Or anyone who dares fight without Wu Kong and a ramming Pulveriser!

You could do it so many ways.

The titan results both during and at the end already shows you best player. What more do you want.

Depends what you want, some use extra attacks with a bottle or levelling up. The best result is ( I think so) the average score. I like to see that

Hmm. Got with same set-up, tactic and battle items once 13k and next 35k. So what can I do with information that the average is 24k?
Don’t get the benefit behind it as the main aspect of your damage is the luck on the board…:thinking:

That makers the average more important, you can’t have 6 times luck. In our alliance asked one’s to show how he did it begorse he had a hi score. 160k but some had only 150k but 4 attacks.

But what do u do with this Info? Don’t get how it can be useful.

The loot on the averages and not on total points. Or better for both.

Don’t think that this is needed by many other people…loots are claimed regularly and SG never made a comment about it. i don’t mind what loot I get for which average damage as the loot is rubbish no matter what score I had or which titan I fought. But maybe I am the only one thinking so :thinking:
So good luck with your topic :crossed_fingers:.