Average stats for heroes

Would someone know what the average attack/defence/health stats are for all 5 star heroes in the game at the moment? And maybe for 4/3 star heroes too?

Thanks in advance!

You can scroll thought the summons portal and look at each classic heroes stats.

Hero Rosters

or check this thread

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Lol I was going to suggest he check the wiki too but you beat me to it. I’ll leave it here anyways

This is a topic that answer at you question (until 28 June) by following this formula:
Stats Power = ((Attack * 0.35) + (Defence * 0.28) + (Health * 0.14))

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Thanks for the quick responses everyone.

I’ve seen the lists of all heroes with their stats, but I was hoping to save myself the time of putting all the individual stats in a calculator/spreadsheet to calculate their average. There seem to be quite a few people here who have such a spreadsheet already and so maybe someone would have easy access to the average?

@FraVit93 thanks for the link. I did come across that topic when searching for this answer earlier. Its helpful, but I’m looking for a breakdown of the three stats individually if possible rather than a summary statistic that combines all three…

In this case the average stats are

720,12 Attack
713,35 Defense
1348,14 Health
9,62 Mana Speed


That’s brilliant. Thanks!

old thread but in case someone else happened upon it, I created a spreadsheet that answered just that…

You’d be able to compare average stats across color, hero rarity, hero origin, etc…

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