Average stats for comparisons

Are there any player guides that shows the average stats among all rarity levels? I see a lot of people always talking about higher and lower attack/defense/hp stats for a hero and I tend to struggle to grasp what is considered a good or bad stat without a comparison to refer too. It’s hard to gauge what is good/bad without knowing the full scope of the dataset.

It’s also hard to compare base stats when you see so many heroes using emblems to increase their base stats.

For example, let’s say among all 5* heroes the average attack stat is 715 (an arbitrary number) then using that 715 average stat would really help me have a concrete comparison number to know if a hero has a good attack stat or not. I recently received The Hatter and I believe 735 is a good attack stat but is it an average attack stat or a great attack stat? I have no idea! Haha

I consult this page on the internet


Good pointer.

It might be useful to break them down a bit more, although that would also get contentious.

I’d like too average for S1, S2, S3, HotM, and event/challenge heroes separately. You could argue for event and challenge separate, but I think the pool is too small then.

A running average for HotM might be interesting too. The others are too static to bother with IMO.

If I didn’t have too much other stuff to do, I’d probably take Anchor’s rating sheet as a data source. He doesn’t have it broken down either, but it at least has all the stats.

Wow! That’s a super amazing chart and exactly what I was looking for! Do you by chance know if that chart gets updated as new heroes come out?

Yeah I’ve used Anchor’s rating sheet here and there but it’s also not my favorite. Usually, I’m looking at heroes for a specific niche and their grades are based on how they do among all sorts of gameplay aspects. For example, if a hero is terrible for titans, that weighs down their overall grade despite them being great in another aspect like raids. I know you can look up the individual grades solely for one thing like Titans but it’s not my favorite formatting to look for just one individual rating.

Overall, his grades are helpful here and there but it’s not the end all be all of a heroes worth since there are so many factors put into it

I am not sure if all new heroes are given respect in the summaries ( my screenshot in post #2)
But scrolling down you get links to many different „groups of heroes“ and as far as I can see there is a „season 3 hero“ link at the bottom and the new s3 heroes are there listed.

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This is a hero spreadsheet with all their stats, effects, and a comparison module. Found it somewhere on the forum. Credits to the OP.

@Zathrus, While I’m not sure, I think @zyairie may be linking this Hero Booklet which is an excel/google sheet which will do exactly what you’re after.

The spreadsheet in that Forum Post has all the heroes & their base stats/ abilities in it. Also has a bunch of pre-made filters so you can re-sort or filter by various categories such as the star rating, the colour/element, the family, the summon portal etc…

Then can get your average stats from that if you want :slight_smile:

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It’s another, but similar spreadsheet called the hero stats appendix. It’s regularly updated on the forum. Was the link I posted invalid? I don’t really now how to refer to that post, I’m a forum newbie. But it’s easily found via search :slight_smile: hope this helps!

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