Average Speed Hero With Mana Troop Question

Is it possible to make an average speed hero fast speed with the use of mana troops?

Yes, kind of. A level 23 mana troop increases the mana generation by 13%. That brings down the amount of tiles for an average hero to charge by 1; in other words, they go from requiring 10 tiles (5 ghosted) to 9 tiles (4.5 ghosted).

Sakura Family bonus, buffs that increase mana generation (such as Khaghan’s mana buff), and the mana node in the class tree all stack together with the mana troop bonus too. So Mitsuko and Inari for e.g. get a +2% bonus if they’re on the same team. That means that both would only need a level 17 mana troop (+11%), with the added family bonus they go up to 13%, and only need 9 tiles (4.5 ghosted) to fully charge.

You can only make a hero speed fast, if you stack mana troops and the above bonuses together. It would only be temporary as long as those boosts are active.

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Thank you for the detailed response. I had a feeling it was just a dream, but might as well try anyway… The goal was to try to get Rana to fast. That would be ridiculous. lmao

From a practical point of view, lowering the tiles needed from 10 to 9 is often just as good as getting them down to 10. Nine tiles = three match-3s, which is often how you’ll be charging a fast mana hero. But realistically, no, you can’t get Rana down to 8 tiles with the current toolkit.


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