Avenge This offer- 250g & 9750g

New offers ( see photo )

( The iron man colored Ares made me smile :heavy_heart_exclamation: )

Not my idea, but close enough:

Edit 2: Drat, don’t need gloves or blades.

Edit 3: I will have to wait until next month to see if they have compasses, or rings ( last month was orbs & capes which I need, but was over priced at x10 tokens).


Thank you, I knew those colors I had seen somewhere. Just couldn’t put my finger on where. Is this the remixed ares coming soon? haha

They even have that power disc in his chest. I feel a nerf coming on…or a lawsuit lol.

Seriously, taking the 250 gem offer. If I had 1000 gems would think about it as one blade from fully leveling Nat.

20 Hero Token = 5200 gems
20 Troop Token = 3200 gems
this means:
1 Poison Dart, 2 Hidden Blade, 2 Gloves, 2 Warm Cape, 10 Bomb Attack, 5 Alliance Flask
all for 1350 gems

so this seems like a really nice and fair offer, the only problem I can’t spend 107,25€ anymore on this game :joy:

the only thing I am not so sure about is why give 4* item from yellow and than 3* for red and blue xD


My personal math

20 Epic Summons I can spread over 1- 20 months to try for HotM= 6000g
20 Epic Troop= 3200g ( Hey Devs! we need a Troop of the Month )
5 alliance flask= 500g- 2000g ( what I will pay for it, what my wife already pays for them )
= 9,700g- 11,200g

Not just Ironman themed Ares… But that’s the Hulk Buster.


I totally understand this way of thinking.
But for me 5200g stands since after reading the forum posts about HotM % and doing 30 summons without getting Aeron last month, my thinking is most of us players won’t get a single HotM with the 20 tokens :smile:

Totally reasonable.

I spent $100 US ( 33 summons ) on elemental summons, epic summons, Guardian event summons and got zero Delilah, while my good friend got 4 for Edit $60 and my wife got 1 for $50.

Full Disclosure:
I will not be buying the 250g offer since I have all the troops I need.

Plus I have 15 finished legendary training ( equal to 15 Epic Hero tokens ) waiting in my training camp until they add new 4* heroes ( or at least double the number of 5* ).

I used to use it for food storage, but I have nothing to spend food on, so I stopped adding recruits and food the same time I stopped collecting from my level 19 farms and level 8 Watchtower.

Okay I guess your friend will get 6 HotM with the 20 tokens :joy:

I took the offer since I only started playing in February and can still need all this ^^

Did anyone confirm this, or are you just assuming they will be viable for the new heroes?

Don’t need them, cannot get HotM, so I win either way.


I have hope.

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