Avatars for Costumes

Make costumes you have avatars

Nothing else to say about it really lol

Maybe move to #ideas-feature-requests

Yeah sorry just woke up lol

If we have costumes for now, why don’t we have any upgraded Avatar?

What do You think about to add news Avatar of costumed hereos?

They’ll probably start selling them soon.


They’re coming.

If there’s a dollar to be made, you can believe SG will make it available for purchase.

Costumes were an easy out for devs in a lot of ways. New avatars, new summons portal, new reasons to re level heroes, move towards not having to deal with buffing old heroes in the future since they can just add costumes, increase the speed of the power creep and make players keep paying for summons 1 way or another, whether it’s summoning new heroes to keep up or summoning to keep old heroes relevant

Anyways I’m rambling lol coffee time bbl


I meant if you have the costume you get the avatar no way to buy it

I don’t know if that would make them more or less money but which ever makes them more money they will go with

I just had the idea too but you’re well ahead of me @H0CKEYPLAYER03

Yes - in order to add a little value to the 300 gem cost, new avatars could be bundled with the respective costume.

However, I have no doubt, as @rigs predicted, that they will just be sold for gems.

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Update on the OP

I think they have released some costumes as avatars… Found this guy raiding who looks like costumed Richard?


That is not costume richard

That is the 1st hero u use in the tutorial

#FakeNews lol

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Looks like costumed Richard with. Haircut…?

It’s a completely different character

Are u goin to make me start the tutorial to prove this? Lol
For the love of god don’t

Do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t remember :stuck_out_tongue: was toooooo long ago now

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Ooooh man

Alright bbs…

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Account name:GuvnorIsWrong


Who is dat? Looks like costume Richard with. Haircut!

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I remember him, his name was Commander somethingsomething

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Too early…
And I’m too old for this sh¡t…

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