Avatars! Can we get a cat?

It isn’t the end of the world or essential to improving this game, but gee…I can be a rat, rabbit, wolf, lizard, any number of toothy unknown creatures, and even a mushroom!!
But what I wish for the most is not attainable. Can’t be any kind of a cat! There is cat art…we have Cheshire and that glowing tiger Titan and probably more. How about showing a little kitty love? Let there be a bewhiskered avatar!

Cheshire actually exists as an avatar, but is limited to top scorers for Wonderland.

For non-domestic cats, I suspect Zimkitha likely comes up in rotation eventually, and Azlar definitely does.

There’s also a cat pin, which is much more domestic looking:


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I do have the cat pin. I constantly search the available Avatars each day hoping…until then I am a lowly mushroom.


Don’t do yourself down, you sound like a fun-guy


How about individual avatars?

Completely I support. We have a network of alliances “Амурские тигры”. These are many people and all of us very much would like to see in an avatar tigers which in rare titanium

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