Avatars Bugged?

Since the V22.1 update, some of my alliance members have been experiencing bugs in the chat with avatars. Some are saying that the avatars are blinking and lagging when they scroll through chat, and others are having problems with the avatars/backgrounds/pins being on the wrong members. I’m not having the same problems in chat, but my own avatar in the top left of the screen takes a few seconds to load onto the background whenever I open the app since the update, and others are having the same problem.

One member sent me the first screenshot of the level 25 having the level 41’s avatar (their avatars are still normal in my chat.) Second screenshot was from another member and shows the level 25 with the level 46’s avatar. There are other screenshots from other members, but they’d be redundant. Their phones have been cleaned, restarted, free memory aplenty, didn’t fix the issues. It’s happening to many members and only after the update, new phones, old phones, Android, iOS alike, so I think it’s a game-side issue?

I’ve noticed the issue as well, when first opening the game my avatar is missing for a split second.

Unfortunately I’m not fast enough to get a screenshot, will keep trying though.

Platform used is Samsung 7

It’s a bit nitpicky, but I’ve found it surprisingly annoying, kinda hurts my eyes lol. I’m just glad I don’t have the weird avatars going on in chat. I know everyone by their avatars and rarely look at people’s names to know who I’m talking to. Could have an entire conversation with the wrong person if they all of a sudden had someone else’s avatar hahaha.

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