Avatar with an emoji with tear in the upper right part?

Hi I was playing with my girlfriend and she shown me, when going to the watchover, a player called @PR1EEK with an emoji with tear in the avatar… anyone knows what is this about?


You could buy that pin in avatar shop. For top alliances all these pins can be used for some kind of strategies. Like voting etc. I mentioned top alliances because there people are spending more money.

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Thanks for your quick reply!
We are poor and we play random and exciting events, not paying for any ■■■■ and this is why we didn’t know about it :slight_smile:

The pins cost 200 gems in game (a F2P player can also get them over time):

Click Shop > Click Featured > Click Avatars [Get]

Today’s pin is the Mage:

To see what a pin (or background) would look like with your current avatar before buying, just click the [Eye] button.


question answered

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