Avatar Store – Coffee Pin & Previous Item Availability

I want to buy a coffee pin for my Avatar but it’s not available. What’s the reason behind the limiting of items for sale in Avatar Store? Why not make all previous items for sale available anytime? You can release new ones on regular or weekly basis. Is anyone else frustrated over this?

I really would like to hear an answer for this… I’ve been waiting for MONTHS my country flag to show up in store, many many threads asking the same.


There might be an update coming for the avatar shop at some point in the future from what I’ve heard, but there are no details or timeline available to share about it yet.

I’ll continue checking in with SG staff periodically to see if there are any updates available at some point…


Thank you for checking.

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I agree it would be nice to see all avatars/pins/backgrounds to choose from…I waited quite awhile because I wanted the fire pin (part of alliance name) and just had to keep looking every day til it showed up.


Seems like SG would sell MORE avatars, pins and backgrounds if they a huge inventory was available. I forget to check some days, so if pin that is up is one I don’t want, I’m not buying anything that day. MAKE a full store, SG. Thanks,


Thanks @zephyr1 for your response!

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Any idea how often country flag pins show up for sale? We are losing a Canadian who had the only Canada pin and I’m going to miss seeing it. I’d like to buy one.

Any news on your enquiry @zephyr1 ? :slight_smile:

@Michael053 The only news, unfortunately, is that any Avatar Shop changes being considered last year were pushed off, and that they decided not to publish an official list of the pins.

So the current status quo will continue unless they eventually rework the Shop.

I’ve started tracking the stop stuff but it will be a while before I suspect any pattern is identified… Or Even until every item has cycled thru…

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