Avatar Shop is a blatant cash grab

Hi all,

I thought the Avatar Shop was going to be a bit of fun. But 1200 gems for Hel, 500 for a “regular” avatar, and 200 for some red paint or a smiley face? Wow…

So, as a completely meaningless and empty gesture, I have changed my avatar to Layla, the purple 2* THIEF.

Every time I see Layla for the next few days, I will think, wow, someone else thinks that the new Avatar shop is a naked cash grab.

Join me in my empty, meaningless gesture if you agree! Fill the game with Laylas, and let the devs know this Will Not Do…!

Thanks for listening.



There were a lot of people complaining it wasn’t there to begin with. Not sure what everyone expected, it is a gimmick in the first place to have an avatar.

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Its not like they are mandatory or something…

  • If you want one just buy it (and doing so supporting the game)
  • If you want one without spent gems I’m sure they’ll be avaiale on top event’s spots

Well, thanks for Sigrunn, i bought her, just because, i really want her for long time.

But for the rest, is not really what i had in mind (and lot of other players)


Well yes, it is. And I won’t be buying the avatars. Even at 50 gems per avatar I wouldn’t be buying them. That’s b/c I’m a cheapskate.

But, like, what else could it be but a cash grab? If you are looking for free avatars, we’ve had them since day 1. If you are looking for them to lower prices, you’ll just have to accept that they will price them at the level the market will bear. They will change the prices if nobody buys the avatars.


That the avatar store is a robbery. Yes I agree with you.
That you are not forced to buy them, is also true.


If people want to pay for avatars? Have it at. Maybe if enough money is coming in from that, loot rewards will stop getting nerfed :joy:


My regular avatar is Hikaru, 1* hero, and I’m perfectly happy with her. xD I had a look at that shop and thought the avatars were ridiculously overpriced (what isn’t in this game though?) but guess what? You don’t have to buy anything. If someone wants to shell out some gems for a smiley face, it’s their choice. Noone is forcing anyone to buy anything.

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I’m also a bit disappointed. What did I expect? Not completely sure. For one, I thought at some point SG had said something like… “plan to release new avatars AND an avatar shop.” I feel like their ought to be more free avatar options so my alliance chat wouldn’t look like the same five faces over and over.

I also definitely thought the avatars would be priced better. Why should a one-star hero be 500 gems? If you want to make some exclusive avatars be marked up for the folks who are willing to spend to get something so exclusive, then, I guess okay… but for those of us who just wanted a little variety, why so $$?

I also feel like the preferred avatars and still going to be those you get for completing special missions or events… would I be prouder to show Domitia as my avatar, demonstrating my raiding prowess, or an angry tree that shows I’m willing to lose 500 gems? Hmm.

So all that said, I’m ALSO considering becoming a total hypocrite and buying Sigrunn because, as you can probably tell from my forum avatar, SHE IS THE ONLY AVATAR I EVEN WANTED. But if I buy her, I will also feel like a sucker… Ugh.


This is socking! A store for the purpose of making revenue!?!? Unreal!


You’re overthinking it. xD If you want her, buy her. Nothing to be ashamed of here. Personally, the only thing I care about is that I like the avatar in question, not that it is bought or ‘earned’. If there is ever an avatar I really really like in the shop, I’ll get it.


you guys dont want the developers to sell AM for gems or sell the avatars for gems, how else they will be able to pay their employee and their server cost ? when someone pulls heroes and get enough he / she will stop paying anymore… 41mil USD is not enough you know ? :smiley:


I think they’re cute, though a bit overpriced. If a cat pin comes up, I’ll be all over it.

Perhaps they will have a nice sale in the future.


I think it’s a gear way to grab cash to reinvest in the game for those who like customization. I’m not one of those, so no big deal here, though they do seem pricey.

As much as I like the idea to customize your avatar, background & pin, I’m really having a hard time to justify the pricing point. I could consider it in the future if they offer a special combo sale!


Yes I agree.
They need a start up offer

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Money here money there. I can’t hear it anymore. I thing it’s embarrassing for sg when their community feels always compelled to spend money to have fun. Pathetic display.


At 80 gems to a US dollar (not buying in huge bulk for extra % more) I don’t sweat a couple hundred gems here or there. Now for 1200 gems or $15 that needs to be a sweet avatar. Like it has been stated just a gimmick.


By the way, the best part of this cash grab is that it creates NO advantage for paying players in the ACTUAL game…unless looking cool is an advantage :slight_smile:


Capitalism gonna capitalise, yo.

SG will have done some research and decided that it was worth their while paying a programmer for a few days of code for the predicted revenue.

If you like the avatar and you’ve got money to burn on access to an image, do it. If not, there’s free ones to choose from.

Are they ‘over priced’? Well given that they essentially cost nothing to produce then the only definition of what they are worth is what someone will pay for it.