Avatar rewards for Ninja Tower [VOTE]

Ninja tower takes alot of effort, and brainwork.
The rewards rarely justify the means and many are disinterested in the event beyond doing whatever their autoplay can achieve.

While we all accept that giving away heroes is not possible, I think there should be an open conversation on avatars as rewards

My suggestion is for Ninjas to adopt the Mythic Titan Avatar format.

Top 1% gets the (monthly featured) 5* Ninja-vatar
Top 5% gets the (rotate) 4* Ninja-vatar

For what the effort is, I think its a fair reward.

PS: Can a kind soul pls help me do a YES NO poll. My phone doesn’t allow me to. TQVM :blue_heart:

And let’s up vote this thread so it (might) gains attention

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t think you’re wrong. I agree an avatar would be nice. But will that change participation much?

The reason I barely touch NT is because of the terrible rewards, not to mention its just not fun. Same for most players I know. Unfortunately I don’t think an avatar will change the majority disgruntlement with NT.

I applaud your idea though.

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I’d love avatars to be offered. But honestly probably still won’t complete it. Ten flags a day on top of regular flags and war commitments is a bit much for me. This should be entertaining and not feel like a job.


Added poll to yah thread… do like the idea as it rewards players for efforts.


I kinda like it because it’s about bench management.
But I’m f2p so….buying special flasks for it so you don’t have to worry about skill or bench management so much, is different…
So it was like initially interesting for me but playing against flaskers, it’s like haha! Crush the tower! Crumble in front of my spending!
Which makes it less interesting to me now that I’ve completed it once or twice. I know I can manage my bench to do it. I don’t need to repeat it every month when I doubt I can rank high up anyway.


Good idea, but I would like change the requeirement into this:
50 floor completion: gets the (rotate) 5* Ninja-vatar
25 floor completion: gets the (rotate) 4* Ninja-vatar

By the way, there are no 5* Ninja featured, it is like challange event portal.


Could you add a second part of the vote?

Would this encourage more participation in NT?

If they did add an avatar reward, it’d be closer to Top Tier Rank 1 and Ranks 2-100 before it graces anyone that did all the work and still manage to be stuck in the lower ends of the mid-tiers. Like Challenge Events.

@NotoriousDAD I do not disagree that participation may still be low but there will definitely be an increase in motivation to play amongst players as having a concrete reward at 5% seems a better assurance than just chests.:thinking:

@Dudeious.Maximus thank you so much.:blue_heart:

@jinbatsu from the forums experience, the devs do not like “new” formats of anything . Hence why I adopted the Mythic titans 1% 5% rules. But yea I’ll love to have it at floors instead of tiers too.As for avatar, feature, welp u get what u mean :joy:

@MxJunie tbh the code is easier if they use the same reward format as current event and mythic titans for avatars. But I Don deny the possibility they might screw up this reward thing either :roll_eyes:

Overall, the idea is to make NT seem more fulfilling and reward in a similar way to mythic titans as it requires so much effort.


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