Avatar Request: Mystic Moose

Please (please, please, pleeeeaaas!) make Season 3 Mystic Moose (Mystical Moose? Don’t know the englisch translation for sure) available as Avatar. Via killing some of them or paying 1200 Diamonds - I don’t care. I need that Avatar.


I don’t know, if my post here made any difference, anyways, thanks for making „Enchanted Moose“ available as Avatar. I‘m on my way to get this big bad boy.

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What provence In S3 Is the moose in?
I kinda wouldn’t mind a toad mob one as reminded of hypo toad from futuarama

The moose is at the very beginning at 3-1-1 and at least also on 3-29-3. To get it, you first have to play through some other avatars. Complete List and Guide here: Bonuses realm, missions S3, runic rocks, heroes realm S3

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