Avatar, Pin & Background

Can anyone confirm whether there is a rotation for them or is it just plain random? TIA!

RNG rules this world

20 rng

Well, that sucks lol. Wish we could just buy em anytime we want. Especially the countries pins & background

I’ve been monitoring the shop for around 4 months, I’m from the UK and want the UK pin! I know it’s in the game because I’ve seen people with it on the leaderboard, does anyone know the rotations? When will this next appear?
I’ve seen a few posts regarding this but non show the rotation so I’m presuming it’s random?

Any help would be appreciated,
Driving me insane! Lol!

There doesn’t seem to be any set rotation of pins of avatars or backgrounds .

I tracked the offers for a while and they just popped up semi randomly. Just have to wait.

There also isn’t any single list of all the available pins / avatars available.


Sorry, if we all get the same ones you will have to wait big time since UK pin was on a few days ago :fox_face:

Ooof, i know this struggle well… I think i had to check the shop for like 4 months until my country flag came up :joy: so i can say to anyone else trying for theirs is good luck! and stock up on patience!

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I doubt we get the same ones then? I haven’t missed checking the shop I months lol!

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I’ve no idea how it works really? Though I did see certain pins return a few times? So maybe it’s all down to RNG! :slight_smile:


I finally got the pin :grinning:image

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