Avatar Hero names

Why can’t you see the Avatar Hero names? You should be able to click on them and their name pop up. I’m trying to send a message to the alliance about the “Rat” guy…but don’t know his name… Anybody know???

Hi @Roxanna,

Please confirm if I understand you correctly. Your expectation is that if some player has for example Lianna avatar, you should be able to tap that avatar and see “Lianna” name. Is my understanding correct? If yes, then it’s not a bug but rather a proposition of new functionality and should be posted in the Ideas & Feature Requests category.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand this part. Are you looking for particular player or alliance?

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Also confused as well what your problem is. The Rat guy is only an avatar pic and actually no hero card. In any chat, clicking the avatar gives you the name, defense team and alliance (if player got one). So what do you need else?

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