Avatar for Margaret

So I was wondering, for us women of a certain age, if the dev’s would consider an avatar based on Margaret? Too many males, monsters, and perky boobs.


I feel like there might already be one for her (just not many people will own it).

The HotM are in the Featured Avatar slot in the shop… Just take a LONG time to cycle through due to the Featured Avatar being up for 4 days

You got my vote, also if Guvnor is right, it’s obsolete.

Though Margaret is a very unpopular hero, she is almost the only human female character that doesn’t fit the “young & pretty” beauty standard. I also complained about that recently and I have seen posts demanding more variety in female characters already long time ago. But not much has changed since then unfortunately. Except for Margaret there is only Mother North that comes to my mind. And a few animals (Frida, Telluria… well more a satyress than a real animal) and an orc (Grazul).

And that this character is even one of the most hated heroes in the game and THE most hated HotM overall due to her poor special, is even more a shame. I was really excited about her design when she came out was and happy to pull her but then got pretty disappointed quickly after. I really hope she will be able to shine after the hero balancing this year.

So please, SG! Give us more variety!

You’re not wrong, but for a reason completely opposite - Telly is giving that statement a run for the money :wink:

And agreed for desire for this avatar!

She was talking about Grazul, I think. Not worth leveling.

I don’t understand what exactly you wanna say. Yes, Telly is the complete opposite. But my point was that the game is lacking specifically variety in female heroes that are human.

No, I was actually talking about Margaret. Just look around in the forum. You will not see much love for Margaret anywhere. While many people are also underwhelmed by Grazul, there are still more people who like her. Especially since Telly came out. I don’t own Grazul but I would say she is more useful than Margaret and more versatile. However, Margaret still has a place in my green team.

I’m not a she btw :wink:

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