Avalon - Where is the 4* item for completing Legendary?

Last event provided a Dart when completing the Legendary difficulty, a worthwhile reward for a top tier team. This event gives only 3* non-farmables. Stop being so ■■■■ cheap with 4* items, it is not fun/challenging to play a whole ■■■■ year to level a single 5* hero.

At least add a telescope to this event!


I don’t think last avalon provided a dart, did it? It was maybe the sand event that gave one orb and one dart but that’s a different one. But I’m with you on this one - legendary stage could/should give one 4* and one 3* while epic gives two 3*. I mean its legendary stage and only provides epic stuff…?


I certainly didn’t get darts from events. Only the tops at leaderboards on the end of the event get 4* items

You’ll need to place highly in the event to get any 4* ascension mats.

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Not for a completion reward.

I believe the OP is getting Seasonal Events and Challenge Events mixed up.
Challenge events do not give 4* mats as completion rewards. Always been a decent amount of 3* materials. Much welcomed in my inventory.

The Sand Empire event did give a dart at the end… After something like 20 levels and 400 energy later? (I don’t remember)


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