Avalon special monster chests have stopped appearing

The first day I played through rare in Avalon, I had maybe 3 or 4 of the special monster chests containing the event coins drop. Over the last 2 days, I played all the way through epic and not a single one appeared. I think they have stopped populating as enemies.

@Larz you should be lucky you’ve had that many. I am on my last level of the 2nd tier and i’ve only seen 2 chests so far in this Challenge. I don’t even feel like completing the Challenge.

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I’ve finished all levels of all 3 tiers and in my first run through had 4 chests total.

I’ve been replaying levels quite a bit and have seen 3 more.

They have around a 2% chance of appearing.

I’ve gotten four and three of them were yesterday evening (my time). I went a long time between my first and the others. The chests are rare. That’s all

I did not see any one of chest since begining, rare, epic and legendary finished, and doing replay… still nothing… it is RNG. I hope next time will appear… random is random.

I just face one of it in the last 6 hours, I have been facing it 7 times in total.

Yeah I just got one again finally this morning. I’m not sure if it was an error that was recently fixed or what. I just know there was at least 4 when I played rare and zero in epic. Got one in legendary this morning.

2% seems to be too low. My guess would be about 10% chance for your currently played level to spawn a chest. I played through 30 levels so far (both epic and legendary), found 4 chests.

About 10% is the probability of Orichalcum Seadragon spawning during the Atlantis Rising event, this seems to be similar.

They seem to happen close together for me. I did Lengendary and had 3 on the last 5 levels. Then I did epic and rare and had none through 30 levels. Then I filled a monster chest on rare levels 1-3 and had another 3 within 10 runs. This morning I got another 3 within 10 runs on levels 4-6 rare and haven’t had any since.

Just going by statistics of the guy who auto farmed nearly 800 levels and found the rate at 2.5 percent.

But perhaps statistics are different where you are

Just play rare stages 1-3 over and over, you’ll see them. I have my phone auto playing those stages while I work and have got 3 in the last hour. I have already done 3 free coin pulls and am working towards the 4th. Those stages are great for XP farming to. 800+ XP per WE! wow!

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