Avalon Scores - way down?

I’ve cleared out beginner and started intermediate but I am noticing that even when I have monster boards and quick kills (with lots of combos) my scores are down compared to the previous time the event was run.

I know they made the minions harder and the bosses easier, but 14 levels in something is up.

Anyone else?

If you look in the 1.10 release notes, you’ll see they also adjusted the scores due to time (i.e. lowered). Previous benchmarks are not in any way valid.

Thank you - I do recall that now.

Level 3 and took me over 16 minutes… I could do no damage 20’s low 30’s each combo and Guieniver mana rudeces and 81 heal… that is way to soon for max out 4* do be so ineffective

Is that advanced or intermediate? Your biggest problem imo is that you only have one healer and one 3 star, and hu tao is quite meh on attack. If you get another healer and a Wu Kong it will be fine. Though advanced Guenivere took me 12 minutes with my 4 stars too, some of which are non of which are maxed as well. I don’t know I guess it;s the challenge and it’s supposed to be hard.

You can dispell the heal with Caed, just save green tiles or a mana potion to use just after Guin’s ability :wink:

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that is something I forgot about. Thanks for bringing it up. Still trying to learn all my guys.

Does Rigard heal Morgans special too?

No, Morgan specifically states that she cannot be dispelled, so it doesn’t work on her.
Thank god Guin does not have the same statement. :smiley:

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well I will try again on Morgan later with some arrows and stuff. See how far I can get.

This is level 4 intermediate, just trying to see how far I can get this time.

With Morgan I think mana reduction is key, couple healers, couple direct hitters (mana reduction if possible), and a def reduction. I completed advanced stage 4 with Deli Rigard Li Xiu Valen and Azar(Deli helped a lot, but still with 2x3* I think that’s pretty well). Using only health/mana pots and one res scroll. Just kill the minions and ghost as much as you can, try to avoid Morgan having multiple special up at the same time.

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just beat her on level 4. May have over done it on arrows and axes though (5 each). Everyone was charged going in.

I used

Under 6 minutes stage 5. Had an awesome board against Arthur!

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