Avalon - Morgan

The heroes of the challenge are a colorful bunch but to me, none stands out as much as Morgan… this lady almost made me throw my phone away in frustration - a first!

My preferred team consists of Lianna, Marjana, Isarnia, Sabina and Li Xiu - with the first two for raw damage, Isarnia for defense debuff, damage and multihits, Sabina for managing enemy buffs and healing my team (and doing damage - she’s an offense hero actually) and Li for some multihits and enemy special management as well as tanking.
These ladies wreck everything in quests, raids and punish Titans - hard… and mine are not even all maxed out yet still they handle 3500-quests with relative ease.

As for the Advanced heroes of Avalon - they do great against Lancelot, Merlin and Guinevere. A wee bit of struggling against King One-Bang (aka Arthur) but as long as I have their health topped up when he uses the special, its manageable.

Morgan however… good god. Tankiest hero ever with the most ridiculous/broke healing ability. I have two offense heroes (normally three, but Isarnia chokes on nature) and two balance ones yet I cannot even come close to outdamaging Morgans healing unless I get 5+ combos every single round. With her insane defense, its a pain to dish out 350+ damage every round - anything less and she will just heal back up to full again. And to add insult to injury, you cannot dispel the cursed spell… normally I have Sabina to punish healers, but there is no counter. Not a single one save outdamaging it.
And how hard is it to outdamage? - very… My Lianna’s special (which is the highest damage attack from my team) does about 400 damage when Morgan’s defense is debuffed by Isarnia… that’s just a wee bit over what Morgan heals every round, and from doing a 500%+ damage special, which often takes two or more rounds to charge up.

I managed to beat her the first two times after a 20 minute stalemate both times. Then I saw the final boss on the 10th stage - “alright, Guinevere and Arthur, nice. Like those two” Then I saw Morgan as well and just closed the app. Didn’t even bother to attempt it.

SG - I love challenges, but a supertanky boss with such insane healing is just artificial difficulty nobody likes. I like the other heroes but with Morgan you messed up bigtime.

Suggestions for a fix:

  • Reduce Morgan’s defense - she has enough health as it is
  • Make the special dispellable
  • Reduce the amount of healing she gets
    Any of these would work. Suggestion 1 or 3 would make her special more fair when it comes to outdamaging it while suggestion 2 would give players a counter they currently does not have.

Throw away Isarnia and double fire if you have problem with Morgan.
A weak color that sometime can’t even do damage but instead receive is not worth -44% defence.
Instead you can add 100% of attack on a color that already can double the damage.

Honestly, out of the 3 boss Morgan is quite easy.

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I didn’t have any trouble with morgan at all. Surprised to see you’re struggling with her - as she is by far the least powerful of the 3 5*s in my opinion.

What I do:

  • focus on her first
  • double or triple up on red
  • blind her (think I used Joon, but arrows will do)

As always, theres a bit of luck needed for her to miss special/having a good board, but with these three points I think I have seen her special hit maybe once total (completed advanced so far).

I’ve struggled with her, too, and am not sure how I can win the final stage of intermediate. For usable fire heroes, I have Hawkmoon maxed and Colen maxed at the second to last tier. I have Gormek and Marjana not leveled at all yet, so they’re not too useful.

Blinding hasn’t helped me too much, sadly. And with her high defense and rapid Mana gain, I can’t keep up on the damage she heals.

If you aren’t saving and then nuking the bosses with axes arrows bombs etc. and coming in with at least 3 high special damage attackers it it brutal. With that style item/team composition you can take out one of the bosses (or the boss) quick and ghost tiles to reload specials.

She is NASTY though to fight against.

She doesn’t like dragon attacks. :joy:

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