Avalon - Favorite Event So Far



Loved the event!

  1. Camelot theme was awesome. Graphically and thematically.
  2. Heroes were desirable to acquire, and again, thematic.
  3. Strategic. I know people are frustrated, but I had a lot of fun having to think outside the box a little.

Anyway, great job, SG! Can’t wait to do it again!


I didn’t have a problem with the gameplay or the challenge, but the reward structure is absolutely broken.

You’re losing players, SG. Good people who enjoy the game are not participating or leaving the game outright because they’re so frustrated by the horrendously limited ceiling the game offers to players without the means to throw hundreds of dollars at the game.

The events are fun and I look forward to them, but please adjust their reward structure to let others enjoy the thrill of getting a little something for their time and effort, instead of feeling further frustrated and jaded.


I just want increased goodies. I like goodies. :grin:


I got my participation trophies of 3x daily summons lol. I like the Hero and troop token for completing Interm. and advanced, though.


He said the event was good and fun!
He go insane!

Suppress him!