Avalon advanced Level 10 gameplay & advice (unmaxed 4*) (video)

Here is a video of me on Level 10 Advanced Avalon with a comentary and advice on how to beat it. I know it’s nothing novel or shocking, but it might help newer players :slight_smile: I usually post those in the Community Content sub-forum, but I think everyone can comment on it here and provide different insights and approaches.

I’ve used only 4 stars 3 of which at 3/60 and 2 on tier 4 but not yet maxed out. The main reason I’ve done the video is to show that those levels are beatble without having the most amazing team of maxed 5s as some people seem to think.

I apologize if my accent makes you want to punch me in my face :smiley: Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


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