Will this game soon be available only to players who give money to get good heroes?

No, this game will always be A-V-A-I-L-A-B-L-E for free to every player on Google or Apple store, why do you ask? :tipping_hand_man:

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I ask because more and more stronger heroes are coming out who can’t be defeated with heroes from S1 and in order to get heroes outside S1 you have to pay. I’m level 71 and outside of S1 I only have Mitsuko and I’ve finished all three seasons and I’m finishing the fourth in parallel as the tracks open and I can barely get 4 * in the draw and for 5 * I can only dream of


Unfortunately, game creators pretend that players like you do not exist.

Your best chance is running HA10 until you get something.

If you have roster space - collect duplicate S1 legendaries as soon there’ll be option to exchange them for a guaranteed non-S1 hero if you have at least 10.


What you are really asking is “Will the top tiers of this game soon be available only to players who give money to get good heroes?”

The answer is of course that it generally has been since the game was released. It’s just the gap is getting wider.

And also of course it is working as intended. Not a bug.


Will this forum ever stop having new threads that you think are helpful, only to be another comment on how people that spend money have better teams?


That’s a good question, let’s open a new thread to discuss it


what do you mean that will be available for free?

The game is available to download and play without having to pay. It is free.

you mean free to play for all yes? and what about vietnam players for example?

That I don’t know anything about. Is Google Play / Apple Play not available?

I suppose you COULD argue the game is not free since you need to buy a cellphone and have online access to play it …

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really not, i want say that the same can happen in each other country when SG/Zinga decide to cut their game for them its really not free

I’m pretty sure the availability of Google/Apple is up to Google/Apple or maybe the government, not Zynga. All Zynga can do is decide whether the game can be downloaded for free or not.

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ok when you want try to search something about vietnam problem is available on this forum too

It might be worth opening another thread on this issue. Going off topic is flag worthy.

FYI the issue raised by the OP…

Back on topic…



Well, sounds like or maybe the government

I presume you are in Vietnam, and I am sorry you are in this situation. However, that is a bit off-topic from the original post complaining about the game going all p2w.


20 you welcomes.

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