Autowin normal quests?

Every day I spend 10-15 minutes to autoplay normal questd like gather food or gain experience. There’s nothing new or exciting in playing through these quests now. It’s a guaranteed win for me and though completing them brings needed resources and experience points, wasting my time is not fun.
The suggestion is simple - let players with teams having greater power than recommended have the autowin button with the same mechanics as in the storyline.

Just linking a few threads that have closely related discussions and ideas:

I personally just set it to AutoPlay without actually doing anything… Treat them the same as Monster Chest Farming (I save my Loot Tokens for Atlantis Rises)

Often requested and all we got from SG were loot tickets :frowning: We all hoped to get this function but there is no way to make money with it hence it never came…

The real problem is that the majority of the quests is targeted at beginners or maybe intermediate players.

I believe quests should be both interesting and rewarding for any kind of player. A complete beginner with 2* and a few 3* heroes has to actually fight and maybe even use items for quests like ‘Farm Food’ and ‘Mine Iron’ but is also happy to get those extra resources. More advanced players do not need that quest anymore but would be pleased if there were advanced versions of such quests requring 3k or 4k TP but giving a substantial amount of resources to be used in Hunter’s Lodge, TC20, Alchemy Lab etc.

Therefore, my solution to this problem would be quests that are adjusted to the current abilities and needs of every player.

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Actually, the autowin option for tokens is more profitable than autoplay.

Quests (resources, loot, xp & difficulty) should simply be adjusted to the player level (say every 5 or 10 steps) to gain similar percentage rewards and challenging gameplay at every level.

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Re the updating quests, I’ve found this to be the best suggestions yet :slight_smile:

New uncommon and rare quest ideas

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