Autoplay Repeat and Construction Queue


I have two ideas and wasn’t sure if I should separate them or not, but…

  1. The first I’m not sure what to call it exactly, but the loot ticket has a selection for how many times you want to use tickets up to the number of WE you have to support it.
    I use autoplay a lot when farming lower levels. And it gets old to have to click through replay and then click autoplay again. (I’m lazy like that lol)
    But I always wondered what if there was some kind of option to autoplay x numbers of times that matched your WE. Then it could just play through the level that many times.

  2. The second idea was to have a construction queue of some kind so that you could set up what order your builder should work on buildings. That way if your farm finished in the middle of the night you could have your builder move on to upgrading that farm again or some other building of your choice as long as you had the required materials to continue production. If you didn’t have the materials then your builder just waited till you collected the required materials or you could even set your builder to collect all food or all iron after projects to ensure they continue.


Those are great ideas.

But they mean I will need to load this game a lot less.

So I will be subjected to all the marketing less often.


Stupid sales and marketing schemes!

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This won’t gonna happen. First, SG wants you to log into the game as often as possible. Second, people would be spending less on the second builder.


This would defeat the need for loot tickets as that is what those are there for, keeping those lazy farmers content, lol.


I disagree. I use Loot Tickets for difficult levels I don’t want to replay (S2 Final Level, etc.). I wouldn’t waste loot tickets on easy levels (unless I was short on time).


So your asking to auto play multiple sessions of auto playing a game so you can sit there and watch them all being played automatically which in fact you can do the same thing now only that you need to actually touch the keypad to access each game and click auto play then and watch each game play out.

Not being rude here as just strengthening your posted comment

That is you would really and truely have to be really Lazy to want an auto play within an auto play and yet still be prepared to sit there watching the games play out.

At least loot tickets are free and they actually instantly speed up the process without the need to sit there watching each game play out.

I dout this will ever make the devs wish list ever


I agree with @yllekb. I use my loot tickets for higher levels. But for farming 8-7 it’s a waste to use them there. And it would be nice to be able to set it and leave while I did something else like making supper, showering, etc. so it could just run as long as I wanted it to. Even at work I set the autorun while I’m working. It would be nice not to have to look at the screen every couple of minutes to reload the map and rerun it.

I do see the construction queue maybe affecting their marketing though… But I’d still have two builders and have both going even with a queue.


Just as @Ozy1 said, if you want more convenience, you have to sacrifice your precious loot tickets (I do prefer to save my loot tickets for the level I can’t complete with auto-farm).

I like this one.