Autoplay inactivity

So I’m farming S2.15.8 on autoplay and when I come back it says I got kicked for inactivity and lose all my flags. What’s the point of autoplay then?! Do I have to watch the AI make dumb moves and tap my screen here and there? Kind of defeats the purpose?

You will still have received the rewards for clearing the level.

Usually when I autoplay I just get kicked after I got my rewards…never before. I does not start over automatically so make sure you start fight again manually.

Def did not receive the rewards for the level. I checked

Pretty sure this is your device that is going into screen-off mode due to no movement or input and that is what is causing the issue, not the game. What exactly is the ‘inactivity’ error message?

There are 2 possibilities I can think of:

1- You start a level and tap on autoplay. Then you do nothing. Your device automatically blocks before the level can be cleared. Because of that the game doesn’t progress and you get timed out, losing the progress on that level.

2- You start a level and simply forget about tapping on autoplay, then you get kicked out due to inactivity (it happened to me a few times, I have to say I get embarassed when I realize I totally forgot about tapping autoplay).

It said I got kicked for inactivity. My phone didnt lock because its in my peripheral and I can see the AI doing its thing. I looked when the screen changed cuz I was waiting for the victory audio sound to replay the stage but thats what I got instead. Hasnt happened again yet, but I can screenshot the message again if it does

5min ago happened to me the same

Nice. Thats all im looking for, is confirmation that its happened to other people. Otherwise, I would have to download an app to record it, and then I would have to record every farming session…

Yup. I submitted a ticket about that several days ago. It’s very intermittent, but super annoying. It was not the normal drop-to-the-login-screen either. It was a super brief DC, then back to my base. I’d suggest you submit a ticket too.

Thanks @Garanwyn! Will do. If I submit a ticket will I need any evidence?

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I couldn’t provide any, because the message flashed by in like half a second. Too fast to screencap. If you tell them what level you were fighting on, and approximately what time and timezone, they should be able to locate it.

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