Automatically promote active alliance members

Hi everyone!
What is your idea about automatically promotion of alliance members (like members to elders or elders to co-leaders or leaders) based on their activity like how much they contribute in wars or titan attacks after a considerable time span?

There are some alliance which their leaders are not active anymore and since the other members do not have the powers and capabilities of the leaders or co-leaders, the alliance face some troubles.
This thing has happened for our alliance. The leader and co-leader of the alliance are not active for a long time and since the elders have limited capabilities, we face many troubles. On the other hand since most of the members are actively participating in wars and titan attacks, it is not a good idea to leave the alliance.

Thank you for your time.

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@PhoenixA1; I shifted your thread to #ideas-feature-requests where it can get some votes from other players.


Why are you staying in that alliance then? Why not take all the active members and create a new alliance? At the point you are about to get full, dead accounts are going to be a burden anyway. And your idea won’t fix that: As a co-leader you cannot kick other co-leaders or the leader. And alliance with many dead accounts, especially when even the leader is not active and some of the co-leaders don’t look attractive for people who are searching for an alliance - so will also struggle to find new members. And I can recommend to try for a full alliance with active members only - that way you will able to fight higher titans and get better loot.


Sounds reasonable, but starting a new alliance doesn’t mean to build everything from scratch? Like start from very low level titans, losing all war chests,…? While you can continue your job with all active members of your current alliance?

I think I understand your concept from other games (inactives are automatically purged, eldest active is automatically promoted to leader if the leader goes dark).

However, E&P doesn’t use this model, and I appreciate that they don’t, as it encourages my active participation, and that of my alliance:

The Alliance is a living organism and must prune itself, and promote from within. It’s how you can immediately tell a healthy active viable alliance from an abandoned one.

If you find yourself in an abandoned alliance, I advise you connect everyone via Line app or Discord* first…then move to a new alliance of your own making, and promote from within etc.

* to make sure you don’t lose anyone during the transfer


Yes, you will start with low level titans. But it shouldn’t take too long until you are back to the titans you fight now. When you kill a titan, especially really fast, usually a stronger one will follow…

And about the war chest: Maybe just do it after your current chest is full. Gives you time to arrange everything, like rook suggested… get everyone to line or discord.


As far as automatic promotions go I have to say no. Alliances have different requirements that they want met before people are given certain titles and require certain things to be done to retain the titles. However I am sorry that your alliance is dealing with an inactive leader and co leader, but honestly as things currently are your options are to either stay and deal with your limits or start a new alliance with the active members. Or look for an alliance willing to merge that has space for your people and similar views to what yall are wanting to accomplish


Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions :+1:

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I think the biggest issue with this is it could cause trouble within the alliance if someone decides to go AWOL or becomes toxic. If a toxic player is still active, this could make that player an elder or colead that can’t be removed. I’ve seen it before and would hate to see it again


Different alliances use the titles in different ways. I wouldn’t want the automatic promotion/demotion. And activity level isn’t a good measure… a player can be active 24/7… doesn’t mean they’d make a good leader.

What makes a great leader


I read the link you mentioned. That was good and helpful :+1:

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Yes, you’re right. That could make big problems

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