Automatically opened chests

Please open all the chests automatically after completion as same as Titan loot immediately after the last fight. Last night I was too tired and used all my movements to complete monsters chest and after I did I fell asleep and wake up after 8 hours, could you guess what have I seen, Monsters chest was ready to be opened. So, I lost 8 hours in chest rewards

I have the opposite problem: sometimes I’ll open a chest forgetting that my food/iron are full and lose all of the food/iron from the chest. At least in that case I have no one to blame but myself, but an automatically-opened chest would make that problem worse since I wouldn’t have time after battle to make room.

If I may suggest an alternative: Put a button on the victory/defeat screen after the battle that allows you to open the chest right there if it’s completed.


Actually, the best thing would be something similar to Atlantis chests…

After every 100 monsters, to start automatically another chest and the old one to remain in there, to be opened anytime. Same for heroes chests. Would be the greatest implementation in base since… ever. And definitely the best feature for stacking food and iron.


Then you would only get ten per month :wink:

Why? I said similar…

This would be extremely helpful!

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It would definitely be great to store the rewards some where to be opened later!

Reset all players at the same time would be better :heart_eyes:

Why the heck would that be better???

I don’t want my chests timed to be when I’m asleep…? Makes no sense what-so-ever to have everyones chests resetting at the same time…

ALSO would cause the game to bug-out and crash more due to Server Over-Load as there would be more people all trying to get on at the same time to fill their chests…

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Ah no ! Opening chest is one of best moments in this game, I want to do it myself :smiley:


It won’t be okay! I want to see the rewards when I’m playing the game!

It would be OK for monster chests.
Not for hero chests. Sometimes you can fill a chest and be a few cups below the next tier and you want to take down one or two more raid defenses to open a chest in higher tier.


As someone mentioned above, a button, or maybe a checkbox in settings would be better. I track my chests, so I want to open them when I am ready to track them. :slight_smile:


Absolutely against chests that open automatically. If there was a possibility to choose between manual and automatic opening, I wouldn’t mind although I think it’s not really necessary.

Like stated above, it’s often necessary to check iron/food storage before opening in order not to lose up to 200k of each.


If you had a full chest say on raid and you got 2399 cups with one more flag left to raid. Would you want that chest to open? Or the chance to win and open in diamond or platinum?

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I agree with all 4 comments above, so you can add the check box to choose the mode!

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Not when its all junk

Why do you think they all are junk?!

By the way, we waste a lot in minters and raids chest, let me explain what I mean

Tink when your monster chest is 99 out of 100 and you need to beat just 1 monster more to fill the chest and get your reward but you beat 11 monster, so what is happened now?! You see your chest is filled and you open it and then boom, you get your reward! What is happened to the other 10 monsters you already beat? You lost them!

This situation is the same for raids chest as well!

Tell me if you have any solutions in your mind guys!

I gave one in the beginning of this thread.

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