Automatic war flag off when complete inactive

I am new to this forum, and like to share an idea with the developers. To avoid some of the Alli problems with people who completely “forget” to act in the war, it would be great if the flag goes of automatically if this combination happens:

  • the member did not participate in the war
  • the member stays off line

This does not shift power balance and gives a member the chance to communicate with his fellow Alli members. The other players do not have a disadvantage in the next war and do not have to kick someone out of the Alli. This might help keeping people with telephone problems or other issues a chance to stay in the Alli to enjoy the game a little further.

FWIW, if they miss 2 consecutive wars, they are automatically unchecked for the subsequent wars.


Thank you Quinn. One too late, but a much better and a lot faster answer than expected

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