Automatic Unchecking of War Participation for Idle Players?

I thought this was supposed to be a feature, but maybe I’m wrong.

Aren’t players who have missed a war and haven’t logged in for 2 days automatically unchecked from war participation?

We have some players having issues and have not been able to log in for 5 days, but they’re still getting pulled in to wars. Is this a bug? Or was this a feature request that never got implemented?

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If I’m not mistaking a player gets automatically opted out after missing 2 consecutive wars.


That must’ve been it, 2 wars not 2 days.
Thanks for the correction!


As far as I know and have seen recently that’s exactly correct, players get automatically opted out after not using any flags 2 wars in a row. They do have the ability to opt themselves in again.

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Why don’t you just kick them from your alliance, if they log back in they can always rejoin

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Yep, it’s 2 wars, not two days. :wink:

Everyone should opt manually each war.

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