Automatic opt-out of wars?

Correct me if I’m wrong, here… but I thought the game automatically opted players out of war participation after 2 or 3 missed wars in a row. Am I wrong here?

Point being, we have a member who has not participated in more than 3 wars, and yet has still shown up on the battlefield (and so I assume is skewing our matchmaking because they don’t participate). We wound up kicking the player from the alliance, but this was a last-resort step. Under normal circumstances, we won’t kick an inactive player if we still have plenty of open spots for new members to join.

But this appears to be a case where the member was actually hurting our war success by skewing us against tougher opponents.

Long story short… did they change the feature of removing war participation following inactivity? Or is something being buggy?


It would be nice if guild leaders could remove a player from war.

I have not seen any automatic removal. We have the same problem.


There is nothing in the changelog indicating that the automatic opt-out has been removed. So I suspect it’s still there.

Are you sure that this member has used 0 flags in two consecutive wars? I ask, because they could have used a flag for 0 points, and it would be impossible to tell that just from the war summary that prints in chat.

If you’re confident that they used 0 flags in two consecutive wars, I’d submit a support ticket. If you need help doing that, just let me know and I’ll walk you through it.


Hi @Easysteps, and welcome to the forum! There’s actually an idea proposal on that very topic. I’d encourage you to take a look at it, and click the vote button above the thread if it seems like something you’d support as a proposal:

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If they don’t attack in Titans or Wars, kick em out fast and don’t look back!!


Maybe that player opted in after the game automatically opted that player out.

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I wonder about it too. We have a few people that very sporadically participate, and yet they seem to be “in” for more than 2 consecutive wars. And it has been going on for awhile, so they must be opting back in.

It doesn’t really impact titans, but it does impact close wars where even a handful of points make a difference.

I honestly wonder why people join an alliance if they don’t want to titan or war. I assume it isn’t for the chat either, since they don’t chat either.


No it hasn’t been changed. I agree with @Garanwyn, the member may have used only one flag that resulted in 0 points (possibly due to a disconnect).

In our alliance, we allow users to opt out if they don’t want to participate and require them to use all 6 flags unless they explain in chat otherwise (being new). Kicking them out may seem extreme, but if you’ve laid out the expectations clearly, asked them to explain their situation, warned them… and still nothing? Then it makes sense to me :+1: You did the right thing imo. As long as expectations are clear and communication attempts have been made, it’s fair.


Since a couple of people brought up similar thoughts, rather than just quote one, I’ll try to address it all…

“Is it possible the player attacked for zero points?”

In a word, no. Their profile shows they have not even logged into the game since joining the alliance. So unless they have psychic abilities to control the game with, they have not participated in a war. :wink:

As far as kicking out players, honestly, if we don’t need the room I don’t care if someone is in the alliance and doing nothing as long as it also isn’t potentially hurting us (such as skewing our matchmaking). But in this case, there was just no choice – clearly this was potentially putting us against a stronger alliance than was fair.

More I’m just wondering what might be going on that the game kept them active in the war participation when the player wasn’t even logging into the game.

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Me too. I’d definitely submit a support ticket so that SG can look into it further.

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Maybe the last update reset the counter?

If I notice it with any other members I definitely will. Since the member who was apparently stuck in wars despite no participation has been removed, I’m not sure exactly what they’d be able to look into…

They can look at the past history of that player in wars and verify that they didn’t attack anyone but also weren’t opted out. This will let them confirm the bug, so they can get it on the list of stuff to fix.

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